Saturday, 8 August 2009

More on Beginning to Blog

Following on from an earlier entry, I promised to share some of what I had learned about beginning to blog. I found an oasis of calm, sensible and knowledgeable advice.

Larry Brooks (thank you Larry ;-)) clarified some ideas for me in his "Four Flavours of Blogging" article, in which he puts his tongue (or perhaps his mouse?) in his cheek and classifies bloggers as:

1) Diarists - of the "what I did today" variety, (often with a plethora of flowers on the page)

2) Gurus - people who know a lot and want to share their knowledge - (spot the "buy now" button on the sidebar.)

3) Geeks - who's main interest is in sharing the latest gizmo, gadget or widget

4) Bloggers blogging about blogging - (oops - that'll me me then!)

He says that all are good and contribute, but it is important to "identify a niche and go vertical with confidence". (That makes me think of my mum hissing "stand up straight" when I was 13 and reached an early 5'6" / 1.524m - "go vertical with confidence" might have done the trick back then.)

Anyway - that kind of makes sense and made me think that it is important to start with some sort of strategy in mind. As my new blog-friend very clearly shared "if you mix expectations with a vague demographic strategy, then you won't be optimising your efforts". So, I guess I need to put some thought into that - who do I want to reach and why?

To write within my niche is clearly important - but I'm not sure that it's that clearly defined yet - so it seems that this blogging is going to be a good learning curve from that point of view. I hope that it will help me to develop my sense of "web-self", my brand and underlying values and help me to develop a writing style with personality and credibility.

Thanks Larry - that really helped.

If you missed it before, I also shared some other stuff I learned from the same site, but another contributor - Jonathan Bailey - on "Why Consultants Should Blog"...

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