Thursday, 27 August 2009

Who's Choosing Your Road?

Yesterday, was a great day for me - a coaching session in the morning with a client who is making his progress in leaps and bounds, followed by a meeting with an "old" client consulting together about their strategy for next year.

So - two of my favourite occupations on one day - being lucky enough to be paid for them is practically incidental.

On my somewhat complicated journey (that's another story) to the venue for both meetings, I set my sat-nav to guide me along the way. It needs to be said that it is somewhat old, as it is installed in our trusty-but-aging Mercedes, that we cannot bear to part with.

As part of my planned route, I decided to use the wonderful M6 Toll Road to advance North. However, as I reached a mass of motorway intersections and fast decisions, the instructions coming from my dashboard were urging me to leave the motorway and divert to Coventry.

I am never sure how much to trust the rather bossy female voice (I much would prefer a French male voice giving me directions - making a u-turn would be such a different experience - but that's just me!) and decided to follow my instincts and not the technology.

As I emerged triumphant onto the fabulously clear, wide, perfectly-surfaced ribbon of tarmac, my sat-nav went into a major sulk and informed me that I was now "off-road". (I think it was tutting with a frown and crossed arms and generally giving out bad Karma in my car).

I then had several miles of reflection on random questions such as:
Who's judgement was "the right road?"
What would have happened if I had followed instructions and not my instinct?
How much of my life have I followed the "right road" for other people?
What might others define as "off-road" but that path be exactly the right one for me?

So that's my question to you for today - who's choosing your road?

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