Saturday, 8 August 2009

Why Consultants Should Blog

This posting is somewhat oxymoronic as I was very taken by a brilliant (imho) article by Jonathan Bailey at I notice that he markets as "Plagiarism Today" - so I am wondering about the boundary of sharing my learning - and plagiarism! I'll do my best anyway and state credits where due.

I found this article really helped me in clarifying a clear professional and business case for blogging.

Jonathan Bailey is clear about the purpose of sharing knowledge - which after all is what we aspire to do as consultants. The web just expands the platform for being able to do that.

I work with a team of talented people, and my clients are talented, clever people in senior positions - so every day I gain some new insight, idea or wrinkle in the general arena of "people" and organisational behaviour. I am also meticulously well organised and focused about my own development and learning - so the idea of sharing knowledge, learning and discoveries with a wider population is attractive to me.

What is even more attractive is the idea of being able to write good, fresh, high quality content in a way that will rank well in the search engines, create inbound linkings and drive us even further up. There is a theme in my head of "more content, more rankings, more connections" that excites me.

As I acknowledged in a previous Blog - I have become lazy and allowed the internet market place to develop without me - and it's time to change.

We do some cracking good and groundbreaking work with teams, groups and individuals using a variety of disciplines and in the course of my working life, I have learned a thing or two. Sharing some of the knowledge and information gained is a great way of creating a mutual respect and proving that I am out there doing it - not just talking about it.

For me, that's a pretty strong case for why consultants should blog.

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